Private Dance Classes Delray Beach & Boca Raton

Do you want to learn how to dance without pressure?

Dance At Your Own Pace With Private Lessons At Our Delray Beach Studio

Our newly renovated, modern 2,400 square foot We offer private dance lessons for individuals and couples interested in partner dancing, whether it be for a special event or just for fun. I especially welcome people who are shy, nervous or think they have little rhythm or coordination.

Private Dance Lessons in Delray Beach & Boca Raton

Types of Private Lessons Offered

Private dance lessons are perfect if you...

  • Get nervous in a group class setting and prefer working one-on-one
  • Want to learn at your own speed rather than be rushed (or slowed) by the pace of a group class
  • Want to become a better dancer faster
  • Have a busy schedule and want to maximize your time
  • Want to take your dancing to the next level by improving your leading/following, rhythm and technique, styling, musicality, etc.
  • Are preparing for a special event or trip

Each lesson is 50 minutes long.

During private dance lessons, you’ll get one-on-one instruction tailored to your interests, learning speed and comfort level. Here are some of things you’ll learn:

  • Dance steps proven successful on the social dance floor
  • How to lead and/or follow so you can dance with anyone
  • How to hear the beat and keep time to music
  • How to recover when you make a mistake and tips for looking like you know what you’re doing (even when you don’t!)
  • Dance etiquette and culture so you’re in-the-know
  • Styling and technique so that you look and feel good